It’s been a while…

October has a crispness and a clarity that is very much in keeping with this time of year.  Temperatures are dropping but there is often sun and more often there are rain and winds.  All three elements fire, water and air have cleansing qualities.

This seems fitting.

As I look out of my window, trees are already shedding leaves as they no longer have need for them.  There are still many green leaves but amongst the green are leaves in Autumn hues of pumpkin, spice and firecracker red.

Thoughts become deeper and more reflective.  It’s a time for thinking, planning, reflecting and internal growth.  Planting personal seeds for the future.

It’s also a time of the year for letting go.  The trees already know this.  Their leaves are having their moments of glory before they fall.

But little in nature is ever wasted.  The leaves will rot and go back to the earth to nourish and provide nutrients, not only for the tree they fell from but for nature in general.  New leaves will form next Spring as the sap rises and forces leaves to bud.

Writing is similar.  Nothing is ever wasted, even if it’s never published or you decide to just write it off for what ever reason.  It all counts.

Discarded writing can fall to nourish new writing.  Discarded writing can help focus on what might or might not work.  Discarded writing might lie dormant for a while to be revisited in its own literal Spring.

Even if you’re not writing for what ever reason, it’s still inside you.  Writing. Thinking. Planning.  And living.  Living gives life to writing.  But until its ready it’s hidden inside your own earth.

Gestating. Waiting.  No rush.


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